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somehow i managed to drop my laptop on my lip as i was blogging i don’t even know anymore i just hope it doesn’t bruise because that one would be hard to explain



Draw the dude in your icon doing the macarena.

this is why enjolras doesn’t drink


Layla x Tessa
As if death itself was undone.
She’s not supposed to know them. Humans come on go before her eyes and it is her mission to coax them into acceptance, into crossing the veil to face their afterlife. She has seen a lot of things, heard a lot of pleas. Centuries of humanity have died, and she has seen them cower, or stand proud. Some were so afraid they chose to stay on Earth, to become a pale shadow of what they once were. An imprint. Others had suffered through so much that they greeted her with open arms. She has seen so many things, heartbreaking or cruel, that she feels like there is nothing here that she hasn’t felt, seen or heard. She feels like a block of stone, a block of ice. Unmovable. Immutable.
And yet, Layla is different.

a sceptic adhering to a believer is as simple as the law of complementary colours

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