i’m gonna do it i’m gonna write that sous/parnasse medusa au and im gonna make it hurt

claquesous who has been cursed and is unable to take off his mask/reveal beyond little bits of his face lest he turn whoever gazes upon him to stone

cue impatient montparnasse who’s desperate to find out what claquesous looks like after ages of going along with his don’t-touch-the-mask and pries it off while he is straddling sous’ lap after kissing him

  • me: republicans and democrats are both useless
  • dad: yeah, right on
  • me: both parties are ineffective, minor factional splits within the same general ideology, and their representatives are completely out of touch with the average person's reality
  • dad: yeah, I guess
  • me: the only thing that can save us now is absolute revolution
  • dad: wait what
  • me: we start by dismantling white supremacy and patriarchal hierarchies, adopting the practice of decolonization, while simultaneously retiring capitalism and private property, and redistributing all wealth and resources
  • dad: no stop-
  • me: ☭
Dveri Tamerlane | Melnitsa


les misérables screencap meme | les amis de l’abc + light

"how your world may be changed in just one burst of light!"

Don’t mind, for me all your work is wonderful, I still here even without SPN.

thanks, darling! i appreciate it! xx