Russian Winnie the Pooh.

This is seriously cute and you should watch it. He looks like an ewok and moves like a minion.


Fallen Paint, 1997 by Mateo Mate

lesroisdumonde said: YOU LOOK SO PERFECT GAHHH

u/////u thank you!

thereareotherplanets said: you’re so cute how i need to know these things (also feel free to blame me for why you haven’t done your hw)

idk i mean i sold my soul to a demon to be good at art so the cuteness probably came in the package but i’m sure you already know that seeing how you must have sold your soul too to be that attractive i mean come on demon deals are where it’s at

(naaah not your fault i’m just lazy and procrastinate until literally the last possible moment)


the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

Anonymous whispered: Oh man my favorite les mis character is javert bc he sings about the continuity of stars and he just cares so much omg I bet he makes star charts for fun and takes police shifts on Christmas so the other officers can celebrate with their families :)

awwww javert yes

and ahhh what if he’s into astronomy and knows myriad constellations and has glow in the dark stickers on his ceiling that he put up when he was drunk several years back but never took them down because all the constellations are accurate and it’s just cool (and he can sometimes close his eyes and pretend he’s wishing on actual stars when one unglues and falls down)

i look somewhere between exhausted and reasonably good rn but in reality all i want to do is sleep

why did i wait until the last day of spring break to do hw

you guys should talk to me about your favourite les mis character/pairing headcanons i would love to listen and discuss and fawn over you and your precious ideas